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Hi-Spec Tire Pressure Dial Gauge for Motor Cars, Bikes & Vehicles. Large Needle Dial with Quick-Release Air Button. Rugged Protective Outer Case

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  • TIRES UNDER PRESSURE: For smooth road rides, better fuel economy and road safety, easily check car tire air pressures with the Hi-Spec Tire Pressure Dial Gauge. Regularly inspect for under-inflated tires to reduce wear and tear, road noise and make daily car journeys more comfortable
  • TRUE CLOCK DIAL: The Hi-Spec 60PSI Tire Pressure Dial Gauge’s analogue clock-like dial display has a large needle with bright and easy to read PSI units, with 1 PSI increments allowing greater reading precision accuracy. And whilst digital gauges need batteries, this is a direct mechanical pressure gauge that supplies calibrated and accurate measurements ensuring reliability. Its attached hosed length of 25.2cm/10in allows easier handling and reach for awkward spaces
  • HOLD THE PRESSURE: Take the Hi-Spec Tire Pressure Dial Gauge, ensure tires are “cold” as hot tires have a higher pressure, unscrew the tire valve cap, attach the gauge’s all-metal Schrader valve to the tire, and get an instant reading. The dial can rotate into position allowing for easier display reading. The needle reading stays in position even when detached from the valve permitting closer study and minimizes quick reading errors
  • RELEASE THE PRESSURE: A good and conventional tire pressure gauge allows air to bleed out from the tire in the case of over-inflation which reduces strain on the tyre’s inner-walls. The Hi-Spec Tire Pressure Dial Gauge features a quick release button allowing precise deflation to the correct pressure. For accurate readings, it is also used to “zero” the gauge before use as it releases any previous kept air and moves the needle back to zero
  • PERFORMANCE PROTECTION: The Hi-Spec Tire Pressure Dial Gauge’s precision components, ANSI EN 837 3% standards, and its high contrast easy to read glass dial are protected by an outer chunky rubberised bumper ring to minimize any surprise bumps and scratches. Its full-metal Schrader valve is suitable for tires of trucks/lorries, motorcycles, and any passenger vehicles. Keeping tyres at the correct pressure prevents premature wear, improves fuel economy and maximises tire performance