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Warranty Registration


At Hi-Spec™ we stand by our tools and offer warranties on ALL of our tools should the unexpected occur.

Our products meet international standards of testing and certification by our manufacturing suppliers and at our on-site Quality Assurance and Control workshops.




Hi-Spec™ warrants all of its products against defective workmanship and faulty materials and undertakes, at its option, to repair or replace, free of charge, each product thereof from the date of purchase, on condition, together with a valid purchase order identification number or valid proof of purchase, that:


  1. The complete product is returned to Hi-Spec™, freight pre-paid by user, and found, on examination, to be suffering from a manufacturing defect

  2. The product has not been subjected to unauthorised repairs, improper maintenance, misuse, neglect, or been involved in an accident

  3. The repairs are not required as a result of normal wear and tear, abuse, or complete burnout due to overloading of the tool’s capacity or use beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations and in unsuitable environments.

  4. A valid proof of purchase or order-id is presented


This limited warranty does not apply to consumable accessory items subject to normal wear and tear as part of its usage such as drill bits, driver insert bits, saw or circular blades, sanding pads/paper, grinding discs, and rotary tool bits.