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Hi-Spec Manual Hand Impact Driver with S2 Shock-Resistant Screw Bits

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec Manual Hand Impact Driver is designed to handle stubborn screws, bolts, and other fasteners that are often impossible to loosen due to corrosion or freezing, this tool multiplies the force you can apply, making it a must-have for any challenging fastening task.


  • Materials: High carbon steel, S2 shock-absorbing screw bits
  • Compatibility: 1/2" Drive Sockets
  • Special Features: Spring-loaded design for efficient power transfer, heat treatment to prevent rust
  • Storage: Comes with a sturdy blow mold box


  • Manual Hand Impact Driver: Built with a high carbon steel and heat-treated finish, this driver can endure high levels of force and prevent rusting. Its spring-loaded design efficiently translates hammering force to the tip, producing enough power to loosen even the most rigid screws and nuts.

  • S2 Shock-Resistant Screw Bits: The set includes 4 popular sizes of shock-resistant screws commonly used with impact driving - Phillips #2 and 3# and Slotted 5/16” and 3/8” sizes.

  • 1/2" Drive Sockets Compatibility: The bit holder of the driver can be removed to reveal an end compatible with 1/2” drive sockets, expanding its range of usability for automotive repairs, garage, and workshop applications.

  • Blow Mold Box: The manual hand impact driver and its accessories come safe and secure in a robust blow mold box, offering easy storage and portability.

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