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Hi-Spec Household DIY Hand Tool Kit Set. Everyday Repairs at Home & The Office with Practical Tools & Precision Screwdriver Bits. All in a Carry Case


Product Description

Hi-Spec 45 Piece Household Hand Tool Kit

Truly the ultimate homeowner's tool set, this selection of tools has been chosen for their usefulness in everyday repair jobs in and around the house. A comprehensive range that will make sure you stay covered, whatever life throws at you!

Precision Bit Driver (5.5" / 14cm)

For adjusting smaller screws found around the home such as those found on phones, computers, laptops and other electronic devices

  • Phillips PH000, PH00, PH0
  • Slotted 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
  • Hex H0.8, H1.5, H2.0, H3.0
  • Pentalobe 0.8,1.2,1.5
  • Triangle Bits 2.0, 2.7, 3.2
  • Torx T4, T5, T6, T8

Hi-Spec 45 Piece Home Tool Kit of Household Essentials


From picture hanging, cutting, banging, replacing screws, turning nuts, stripping wire, grabbing, holding, rotating, bending, this set has all the tools you'll ever need for basic repair jobs - the perfect starter kit for any home

  • Claw Hammer (10oz / 300g)
  • Adjustable Spanner (6" / 15cm)
  • Long Nose Pliers (6.5" / 16cm)
  • Bit Driver (7" / 18cm) + 16 x CRV Bits
  • Voltage Tester (5" / 13cm)
  • Utility Cutting Tool (6.5" / 16cm)
  • Scissors (8" / 20cm)
  • Tape Measure (10ft / 3m)

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Whats in the Box

Digital Voltage Tester (5" / 13cm)

Make sure you have a stable connection or the area in which you are about to work is free from electrical charge. Detects absence or presence of voltage for up to 250V

Long Nose Pliers (150mm)

These pliers can be used for manipulating wire: cutting, pulling, bending and twisting. Extra-long length allows you to grab in hard to reach places

Claw Hammer (230g / 8oz.)

Bang nails into, or extract nails from, a range of materials - the hammer is an essential piece of home DIY equipment and this example offers strength and durability in one tool

Bit Driver (7" / 18cm) & 16 x CRV Bits

Cushioned grip and hang holes for hanging - a range of most common 25mm (1") screws found in the home, office, garage and beyond

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Utility Cutting Tool (6.5" / 16cm)

Metal Alloy Utility Cutter with Snap-Off Blade for cutting and shaping material - perfect for a range of hobby and craft applications

Adjustable Spanner (6" / 15cm)

With large sliding jaw, this wrench can be used to grip and turn nuts and bolts of various sizes

Scissors (8" / 20cm)

For everyday cutting tasks, as well as hobby, craft, and cooking applications - a reliable pair of scissors is essential!

Tape Measure (10ft / 3m)

Get a level project with this versatile measuring tool. A metal printed steel blade and both SAE and Metric means you will can measure to precision, time after time

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Hi-Spec - Home DIY for All

Our products are engineered to the highest standards and components and materials are sourced from trusted partners. All of our tools and consumables go through strict quality control tests and surpass international quality requirements to make sure you receive a quality product.

Using Amazon: Free returns for items within 30 days of shipment receipt

Hi-Spec Promise: All our products are covered against defects in design, material and workmanship - if there is a problem we can help solve it

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  • ESSENTIAL DIY TOOLS: The Hi-Spec Household DIY Tool Kit Set is a popular selection of the most reached for tools for those everyday repair jobs, from loose fixtures to broken gadgets, around the household, office and workplace. A practical set of hand tools that makes fixing, repair and maintenance easier and faster. The home starter kit all stored in a convenient carry case
  • VERSATILE USES: From flat pack & furniture assembly, tightening and loosening all types of screws and fasteners, tapping nails, cutting and opening paper, room measuring, pulling and snipping wire, putting up fixtures and fittings, to opening electronics and appliances. The Hi-Spec Household DIY Tool Kit Set is a compact set with the tools needed to get going for basic DIY repair and fixing jobs
  • PRACTICAL HAND TOOLS: Long-Nose Combination pliers with built-in mini cutters for wire and cables, two screwdriver handles for everyday fastening, a 3m tape measure for rooms and space, an all-purpose claw hammer with rubber-grip, an adjustable crescent wrench for nuts and bolts, a voltage probe tester, kitchen scissors and a utility knife for easy cutting and opening. The pliers and screwdrivers have non-slip, soft rubber-coated handles for better grip and holding
  • GET TURNING: The two bit driver handles in the Hi-Spec Household DIY Tool Kit Set makes tightening and loosening screws easy and quick. Use the full-size handle for regular-sized screw bits in household items and large appliances. The precision bit handle, with extending shaft, is used with the smaller precision screw bits for computers, electronics, gadgets, toys, and glasses
  • BITS & PIECES: 16 x full-size screwdriver bits for commonly found household full-sized screws. 20 x precision screwdriver bits for electronic gadgets, laptops, game controllers, drones, cameras, tablets, even watches and glasses. Includes specialised screw bits suitable for opening a wide range of Android phones, Apple iPhones and MacBooks. All neatly stored in a portable and compact case