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Hi-Spec Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge - 2 PCS

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge allows you to quickly and accurately measure tire pressure in four different units, ensuring your vehicle is always in the best condition for any weather or climate conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Accuracy: Results precise to 0.00
  • Pressure Units: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm²
  • Display: LCD
  • Auto Shutoff: Yes, after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Battery: 3V lithium coin cell batteries (included)
  • Additional Features: Nozzle light for easy use in low light conditions


  • Two Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauges: The small size of these gauges makes them perfect for keeping at home, in your car, or even giving one to a friend or family member. Each gauge has a bright light located at the nozzle to illuminate your work area, allowing for easy location and attachment to the tire valve, even in low light conditions. One press of a button prepares the device for pressure reading, and subsequent presses allow you to cycle through the available pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm²) on the clear LCD screen. The gauges have an easy-grip design and non-slip texture to ensure secure handling.
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