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Hi-Spec All-In-One 30W Soldering Station

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec All-In-One 30W Soldering Station incorporates all the essentials you need for precise and efficient soldering. This set includes a high-quality soldering iron, helping hands, and a comprehensive 9-piece accessory set that makes desoldering and rework tasks much easier.


  • Soldering Station Power: 30W
  • Main Tools: Soldering Iron, Helping Hands
  • Accessories: Desoldering Pump, Tin Alloy Solder, De-Solder Alloy
  • Assist Tools: 2-piece Solder Assist Tools set


The Hi-Spec All-In-One 30W Soldering Station includes:

  • 1x 30W Soldering Iron: Offers a balanced combination of heat and precision for a wide range of soldering projects.
  • 1x Helping Hands: This essential tool provides stability and support when you need to hold components in place.
  • 1x Desoldering Pump: Simplifies the process of removing solder from a circuit board.
  • 1x Tin Alloy Solder: High-quality solder for reliable and efficient connections.
  • 1x De-Solder Alloy: Helpful for correcting errors or performing rework tasks.
  • 2x Solder Assist Tools: These handy tools are essential for manipulating small components and wires.