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Hi-Spec 82 Piece Home & Garage Tool Kit Set

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec 82 Piece Home & Garage Tool Kit Set is a comprehensive solution for all your general DIY repair, fixing, and maintenance needs. This set features a range of carefully selected hand tools for common DIY jobs in the household, office, garage, or workshop.


  • Tool Set Count: 82 pieces
  • Application: Suitable for general DIY repair, fixing, and maintenance
  • Driver Handle: 2-In-1 Driver T-handle with a reversible shank
  • Socket: Includes 1/4” drive socket bit and a 1/4” Drive socket adapter
  • Tool Material: Tool handles feature a tough PP thermoplastic with TPR rubberised grip
  • Storage: Convenient fold-out tool box case with easy-access snap-locks


  • 2-In-1 Driver T-Handle: For fitting full and precision-sized screwdriver bits.
  • Set of Full and Precision Sized Screwdriver Bits: For all your screwing and tightening needs.
  • Set of Sockets and an Extension Bar: For working in recessed or narrow positions.
  • Claw Hammer: For tapping workpieces and pulling out nails.
  • Two Full-Size Screwdrivers: For everyday tightening and loosening tasks.
  • Combination and Long-Nosed Pliers: For pulling and gripping tasks.
  • Wire Stripper with Mini-Cutters: For stripping and cutting wires.
  • Multipurpose Tin Snips: For thick cutting tasks.
  • Hacksaw with Spare Blades: For sawing light materials.
  • Adjustable Crescent Wrench: For turning nuts, bolts, and pipe fittings.
  • Spirit Level and Tape Measure: For quick and accurate measurements.
  • Precision Accessories: Includes precision driver bits, a magnet-block for easy screw pick-up, a voltage probe for testing household voltages, and a snap-off utility knife box cutter.