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Hi-Spec 8" Multi-Function Wire Stripper Tool


Product Description

The Hi-Spec Wire Stripper, Crimper & Cutter with Mini-Pliers is the ultimate tool for any DIY electrical wiring and cabling tasks. Whether you are handling basic home electrics repair, maintenance, or installing sound and lighting systems in vehicles.


  • Size: 8 inches
  • Material: High carbon steel with baked black enamel finish
  • Handles: Ergonomically shaped soft-grips
  • Features: Wire and cable stripping, crimping, and cutting, mini bolt cutter, compatible with COAX, 6-14 and 22-18AWG single and multi-core insulated and non-insulated wire and cable


The Hi-Spec 8" Multi-Function Wire Stripper Tool includes:

  • Fine Mini Pliers: Tightly grip and pull wires and cables with these precision pliers.
  • Crimping Functionality: Easily crimp ring, spade, fork, and bullet terminals and connectors to wires and cables.
  • Wire and Cable Stripping: Cleanly strip away wire and cable insulation with 6 stripping positions for single and multi-core stranded wire sizes of 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24AWG.
  • Mini Blades and Bolt Cutter: Built-in mini blades and mini-bolt cutter holes for cutting thick single-core strands, pins, and soft metal screws, with threaded bolt holes, for thread sizes 4 to 10 UNC.