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Hi-Spec Home & Office Tool Kit Set


Product Description

The Hi-Spec Home & Office Tool Kit Set is a comprehensive set of 54 tools, perfect for everyday maintenance and repair tasks around your apartment, house, or workplace. This kit covers a wide range of applications, from screwdriving to wire snipping, making it an essential addition to any home or office.

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  • Tool Set Count: 54 pieces
  • Screwdrivers: Full length and precision screwdrivers
  • Adjustable Crescent Wrench: For quick tightening and loosening
  • Socket Set: ¼” drive metric sockets for precision turning
  • Combination Pliers: Thick combination pliers with mini-cutters
  • Hex/Allen Key Wrenches: For furniture assembly and bicycle adjustments
  • Hammer: Claw hammer for all hammering tasks
  • Tape Measure: Retractable tape for measurements
  • Spirit Level: For measuring floors, walls, and shelves
  • Kitchen Scissors: With nut cracker/bottle-top grip
  • Voltage Probe: For checking household electricity
  • Carry Case: Tool box case for easy carry and storage


  • Screwdrivers: A comprehensive set for various types of screws, including tiny ones.
  • Driver Handle and Interchangeable Bits: For a versatile screwdriving experience.
  • Adjustable Crescent Wrench: For quick tightening and loosening tasks.
  • ¼” Drive Metric Sockets: Ideal for precision turning.
  • Combination Pliers with Mini-cutters: For gripping and snipping wires or cable.
  • Hex/Allen Key Wrenches: Perfect for assembling furniture or adjusting bicycles.
  • Claw Hammer: For all your hammering needs, including putting up pictures and frames.
  • Box of Nails, Hooks, and Wall Anchors: For hanging pictures and frames.
  • Retractable Tape and Spirit Level: For precise measurements of floors, walls, and shelves.
  • Kitchen Scissors: With a nutcracker/bottle-top grip.
  • Voltage Probe: To check household electricity.
  • Storage Box Carry Case: For easy storage and transportation of your tools.
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