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Hi-Spec 45 Piece Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set. Finish Everyday Repairs in The Household & The Office with Essential General Purpose Tools. Complete in a Portable Tool Box Case


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Product Description

Hi-Spec 42 Piece Pink Household DIY Tool Kit Set. General Hand Tools for Home Repair in a Carry Case. With Carabiner Keyring & Mini Bottle Opener



For those everyday DIY repair jobs, the Hi Spec Household DIY Tool Kit Set offers a selection of the most popular hand tools available. For the household or workplace, its lively color trim makes this an attractive set to present for practical fixing and maintenance.

  • Full-size screwdrivers, claw hammer and kitchen scissors for everyday tasks
  • Big pliers to grip, twist and snip nut, bolts, wire and cable
  • Tape measure and spirit level for measurements and positioning
  • Bit driver handle with a comprehensive screw bit set for for screws in household items, electronics and gadgets




Get working now with The Hi Spec Household DIY Tool Kit Set. From assembling furniture and flat-packs, screw-driving, tapping nails, room measuring, pulling and cutting wires, installing fixtures and fittings, to wall picture hanging. All in a convenient and portable carry case.

  • Chunky sized and soft rubber-coated handles offer better grip and holding
  • All in a convenient and portable carry case







2-in-1 Bit Driver

Removable & reversible bit holder section allows you to switch between driving full size and precision screws with ease


16 x Full-size CRV Driver Bits

  • Torx: T10-15,
  • Phillips: PH1-2-3
  • Pozidriv: PZ1-2-3
  • Hex/Allen: 3-4-5-6mm
  • Slot/Flat SL3-4-5-6mm


12 x Precision-size S2 Driver Bits

  • Phillips: PH00-0
  • SlotFlat: SL1-1.5-2.0mm
  • Hex/Allen: 0.8-1-1.5-2-3
  • Torx: T8-10

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2 x Full-Size, 102mm, Screwdrivers

  • Slot/Flat SL6 (1/4”)
  • Phillips PH2


6" Combination Pliers

  • soft rubber-coated handles
  • Angled cutter


All-Purpose Claw Hammer

  • 8oz weight
  • Rubberized Handle



  • Stainless steel
  • 8" length

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6” Spirit Level

3-axis measurement


Measuring Tape

10' / 3m tape length


Keyring holder

Carabiner Keyring & Aluminium Mini-bottle Opener


Compact Case

Keeps your tools organized and safe.

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  • QUICK DIY ESSENTIALS: Get the most-reached-for hand tools in the Hi-Spec 45 Piece Home DIY Tool Kit Set. A home starter kit that makes fixing, repair and maintenance easier and faster - from loose fixtures to broken electronics/appliances around the household and workplace. All in a convenient carry case
  • VERSATILE USES: From new home owners to an emergency tool kit, start now with the Hi-Spec 45 Piece Home DIY Tool Kit Set. Install fixtures and fittings, turn nuts and bolts, hammer and pull nails, access all types of screws in gadgets/electronics and appliances, open and cut packaging, pull and snip wire and much more
  • BIG HAND TOOLS: Long-nose pliers with mini cutters for wire and gripping, an adjustable crescent wrench for nuts and bolts, an all-purpose claw hammer, a bit driver handle for securely turning driver bits. Except for the metal wrench handle, all have chunky, rubber-coated handles for extra grip and holding
  • SCREWS & ELECTRONICS OPENING: Includes sets of full-size and precision driver bits to fit commonly-used types and sizes of screws. Use the full-size handle with the full-size bits for household items and appliances. The precision bit handle, with extending shaft, fits the precision bits for screws in computers, laptops, mobile smart phone (including the Pentalobe bits for iPhones), gadgets, drones, and cameras
  • MORE TOOLS: A retractable tape measure for rooms and space measuring, long kitchen scissors for all types of cutting, a box-cutter utility knife for easy opening of packages, and a voltage probe for testing electricity outlets and wiring