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Hi-Spec 45 Piece Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set


Product Description

The Hi-Spec 45 Piece Home DIY Tool Kit Set is your ideal companion for everyday DIY repair jobs. Whether you're at home or in the office, this tool kit, with its lively color trim, presents an attractive and practical solution for fixing and maintenance tasks. Its chunky, soft rubber-coated handles ensure better grip and holding.

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  • Tool Set Count: 45 pieces
  • Screwdrivers: 2 x Full-Size, 102mm
  • Pliers: 6" Combination Pliers with soft rubber-coated handles
  • Hammer: All-Purpose Claw Hammer, 8oz weight
  • Scissors: Stainless steel, 8" length
  • Spirit Level: 6”, 3-axis measurement
  • Measuring Tape: 10' / 3m tape length
  • Keyring Holder: Carabiner Keyring & Aluminium Mini-bottle Opener
  • Case: Compact and portable carry case for easy storage and transport


  • 2 Full-Size Screwdrivers: For everyday tasks.
  • Big Pliers: To grip, twist, and snip nut, bolts, wire, and cable.
  • Tape Measure and Spirit Level: For precise measurements and positioning.
  • Bit Driver Handle with a Comprehensive Screw Bit Set: For screws in household items, electronics, and gadgets.
  • 2-in-1 Bit Driver: Removable & reversible bit holder section allows you to switch between driving full size and precision screws.
  • 16 x Full-size CRV Driver Bits: Includes Torx, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex/Allen, and Slot/Flat variants.
  • 12 x Precision-size S2 Driver Bits: Includes Phillips, Slot/Flat, Hex/Allen, and Torx variants.
  • 6" Combination Pliers: With soft rubber-coated handles and an angled cutter.
  • All-Purpose Claw Hammer: With an 8oz weight and rubberized handle.
  • Scissors: 8" stainless steel scissors.
  • 6” Spirit Level: For 3-axis measurements.
  • Measuring Tape: A 10' / 3m tape for accurate measurements.
  • Carabiner Keyring & Aluminium Mini-bottle Opener: For convenience and utility.
  • Compact Case: For organized storage and transport of your tools.
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