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Hi-Spec 42 Piece Household DIY Tool Kit Set

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec 42 Piece Household DIY Tool Kit Set is an excellent solution for your everyday DIY repair jobs. Offering a selection of the most popular hand tools, this kit is perfect for household or workplace maintenance.

Product Specifications

  • Tool Set Count: 42 pieces
  • Screwdrivers: 2 x Full-Size, 102mm
  • Pliers: 6" Combination Pliers with soft rubber-coated handles
  • Hammer: All-Purpose Claw Hammer, 8oz weight
  • Scissors: Stainless steel, 8" length
  • Spirit Level: 6”, 3-axis measurement
  • Measuring Tape: 10' / 3m tape length
  • Keyring Holder: Carabiner Keyring & Aluminium Mini-bottle Opener
  • Case: Compact and portable carry case for convenient storage and transportation


  • 2 Full-Size Screwdrivers: For everyday tasks.
  • Big Pliers: To grip, twist, and snip nuts, bolts, wires, and cables.
  • Tape Measure and Spirit Level: For accurate measurements and positioning.
  • Bit Driver Handle with a Comprehensive Screw Bit Set: For screws in household items, electronics, and gadgets.
  • 2-in-1 Bit Driver: Removable & reversible bit holder section allows you to switch between driving full-size and precision screws.
  • 16 x Full-size CRV Driver Bits: Includes Torx, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex/Allen, and Slot/Flat variants.
  • 12 x Precision-size S2 Driver Bits: Includes Phillips, Slot/Flat, Hex/Allen, and Torx variants.
  • 6" Combination Pliers: With soft rubber-coated handles and an angled cutter.
  • All-Purpose Claw Hammer: With an 8oz weight and rubberized handle.
  • Scissors: 8" stainless steel scissors.
  • 6” Spirit Level: For 3-axis measurements.
  • Measuring Tape: A 10' / 3m tape for precise measurements.
  • Carabiner Keyring & Aluminium Mini-bottle Opener: For convenience and utility.
  • Compact Case: For organized storage and transport of your tools.