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Hi-Spec 34 Piece Home DIY Tool Kit Set


Product Description

The Hi-Spec 34 Piece Home DIY Tool Kit Set is the go-to kit for all your household repairs and maintenance tasks. Whether you're just getting started with DIY or you're a seasoned pro, this set includes the most commonly used tools for a variety of tasks.

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  • Tool Set Count: 34 pieces
  • Tool Bag: Durable fabric, weight with tools 1.8kg/3.3lbs
  • Accessories: 100 piece box set of nails, hooks, and anchors/plugs


  • Most-Used Tools: This kit features the tools you need for the most common household tasks, including an all-purpose claw hammer, pliers, a wrench, and a utility knife, all with non-slip grips for safe handling.

  • Comprehensive Screwdriving Set: This set is designed to handle the most commonly found screw types in hinges, brackets, panels, and lighting. It is also equipped to open up household appliances, electronics, gadgets, and even glasses.

  • Practical Tools: Aside from the standard tools, this kit includes practical items like a handy wall-scraper for stripping and removing tasks, and protective dust glasses to ensure safety while working.

  • 100 Piece Wall Hanging Kit: This kit is supplemented by a comprehensive set of nails, hooks, and anchors/plugs for all your wall hanging needs. Perfect for installing fixtures, hanging pictures or any other wall mounted items.

  • Durable Fabric Tool Bag: Keep your tools organized and easily accessible with our durable fabric tool bag. Featuring outer pockets for easy access to frequently used items and a strong steel-frame zip-opening for secure storage.