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Hi-Spec 3 Piece Mini C Clamp Set


Product Description

The Hi-Spec 3 Piece Mini C Clamp Set is designed to assist with various tasks including gluing, nailing, welding, cutting, and bending. It's not only a must-have for typical home projects but also perfect for hobbies such as crafting, painting, sculpting, metalwork, and even photography.

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  • Material: Forged cast iron (clamps), Heat-treated carbon steel with Chrome-plating (moving parts)
  • Sizes: 1", 2" & 3" (25,50,75mm)
  • Features: Wide jaw openings, swivel shoe, sliding T-bar handle


The Hi-Spec 3 Piece Mini C Clamp Set includes:

  • 1" C-Clamp: Ideal for smaller tasks, this mini C-clamp is durable and easy to use.
  • 2" C-Clamp: A slightly larger clamp for more demanding jobs, it applies even pressure over a larger area.
  • 3" C-Clamp: The largest clamp in the set, perfect for heavy-duty tasks requiring a wider grip.


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