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Hi-Spec 3-in-1 Home DIY Steel Staple & Nail Gun Set

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec 3-in-1 Home DIY Steel Staple & Nail Gun Set is your go-to tool for a multitude of fixing and attaching tasks. Ideal for re-upholstering furniture, attaching fabric to walls, decorating, repairing decorations, and more, this staple gun set boasts impressive penetration power and versatility.


  • Function: 3-in-1 Staple & Nail Gun
  • Loading Mechanism: Easy Load
  • Pressure: Adjustable pressure settings
  • Handle: Ergonomic design with handle lock-down size
  • Nail & Staple Sizes: Compatible with 10mm Nail Staples, 12mm U-shape Staples, 8mm Staples


  • 1 x Hand Staple Gun: Features an easy-load mechanism, adjustable pressure setting, and an ergonomic handle with a lock-down size for safe portability and storage.
  • 600 Piece Staples and Nails: Comes with three types of staples and nails for various applications. The package contains 200pcs of 10mm Nail Staples, 200pcs of 12mm U-shape Staples, and 200pcs of 8mm Staples.
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