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Hi-Spec 2 Piece Knee Pads with Layered Gel for DIY Laying Carpet & Flooring. Universal Size


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  • PROTECT & SERVE: Give your knees the protection they deserve now. Perfect for a range of tasks including home DIY, construction, gardening, roofing, cleaning and much more! Don’t be hindered by weak or uncomfortable knees – get full protection, including from water, in kneeling and crawling tasks now with these – and make your knees unstoppable!
  • PROTECTION: With the perfect combination of tough outer shell and soft interior, these knee pads give you the perfect combination of comprehensive protection and comfort. 600D Fabric, molded outer shell and heavy duty stitching withstands the toughest working conditions, while a soft gel and foam inside gives you comfort that lasts. A unique abrasion-resistant PVC cap design prevents rolling/sliding as you shift and move on hard or uneven surfaces
  • ALL DAY SUPPORT: A thick reinforced hard shell provides a high level of protection with layered foam pads, gel cushion and neoprene lining for comfort. Polyester mesh breathes to increase airflow and reduce sweat and discomfort for the user so you can work harder, for longer. Wide straps prevent pinching with a design including upper and side lips for protection from all angles, regardless of surface material: unfinished concrete, pavement and uneven and sharp surfaces are no match!
  • STAY RIGHT THERE!: Forget having to adjust and pull up sub-standard knee pads - our kneepads are designed with extra wide neoprene straps – located in the perfect position – that will stay exactly where they should do while making sure you stay protected whatever you’re doing. Whether kneeling, crawling, crouching or stooping your kneepads will stay in place - no more adjusting and tightening mid-task!
  • GREAT FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE: Whether Home DIYer, contractor, electrician, plumber, carpenter or gardener, invest in a set of kneepads you can rely on and forget about uncomfortable and weak knees during your project – focus your attention on the task at hand and enjoy working in comfort! DIY projects, roofing, construction work, flooring and carpet installations, welding and even paintball - don’t be without!