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Hi-Spec 14 Piece 15-30W Soldering Iron Kit Set. Includes Solder Sucker Pump, Soldering Wire, Wick/Braid, Antistatic Tweezers, Stands & Extra Tips. Complete in a Tool Box Case

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  • SOLDERING & CRAFTING BASICS: Includes all the accessories and equipment you will need for projects such as working with electronics, wiring, home repairs, jewelry and metalwork projects, design projects, plus pyrography or woodburning with the additional thicker tips
  • WOOD BURNER: Give form to these creative pyrography projects in mind with the right tools. 4 different tips can be used to create a range of different intricate designs in wood as well as leather, bark, bone, plastic and much more. Get that great-looking finish you need and deserve!
  • GREAT FOR SOLDERING: Solder loose wires, PCB projects and delicate circuits, repair jewelry, LED lights, computer repairs, RC cars, drone and other electrical equipment. A desoldering pump and desoldering wick are included for accurate removal and absorption of solder. 20 grams of 1mm soldering wire can get you started on that project in mind
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT: Multi-purpose soldering/ wood burning pen has 2 temperature settings to further increase its list of applications. The Lower temperature (300°F) can be used for precision soldering tasks as well as burning designs onto soft materials such as leather and cork and the higher temperature (400°F) can be used for more heavy duty tasks involving tougher materials such as wood and bone
  • TOOL BOX: Whether soldering or wood burning, all necessary equipment is included so you will be ready and prepared to begin that dream project, all stored in a durable plastic tool organizer with removable parts tray and lid compartments