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Hi-Spec Spring, Ratchet & Bar Spreader Clamps. (NA)

  • HOLD IT, RIGHT THERE: Whether repairing, fixing, gluing, or positioning for the best shot, the Hi-Spec Spring Quick Clamp Set securely holds work pieces, props and materials. Lightweight, quick action, and one-handed use for DIY, craftwork, studio photographers and artists
  • SPRING CLAMPS: With high-tensile coiled springs, only a firm grasp of their stubby handles opens the jaws of the biggest clamps. On release, the jaws close to a tight and pinching grip. Swivelling heads adapt to odd-angled joints and positions, and inside throat serrations holds cables, bundles, poles and tubes
  • OPENING JAWS: With 3 different sizes, find all sorts of usage. Firmly hold awkward or fiddly workpieces when fixing adhesives, drying, or painting. Maintain a safe grip for accurate sawing, cutting and drilling. Stabilise and position props and items for studio photography and design work
  • 18 CLAMPS: Find 8 general-purpose clamps for small and lightweight jobs, opening to a jaw width of 40mm/16mm. The 6 medium-sized clamps open to 50mm/2.0in for strong fixing of larger items. For the really big jobs, the 4 monster clamps need a strong hand to fully open the 70mm/2.8in jaws that will close painfully in a pinch
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: All clamps feature non-marring ABS plastic head, and are made from hard-wearing thermoplastics. The stubby textured handles are non-slip for sure-holding and built around a spring, secured by a metal screw and bolt