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Hi-Spec 18 Piece Spring Quick Clamp Set. Small to Big Size Hand Pinch Clamps. Securely Hold Work Pieces, Materials & Props for DIY Work, Repairs & Positioning

  • HOLD IT, RIGHT THERE: In the workshop, studio, garage, or garden the Hi-Spec Spring Quick Clamp Set securely holds work pieces, props and materials whenever repairing, gluing and fixing, and positioning. Lightweight and easy to use for effortless single handed clamping by DIY enthusiast, model maker, craftsperson, photographer, or artist
  • JAWS: An 18 piece set of genuinely strong spring clamps with large clamping and gripping jaws. For woodworking, carpentry, arts and crafts hold awkward or fiddly workpieces when fixing adhesives, drying, or painting. In DIY, maintain a firm grip on light workpieces when sawing, cutting or drilling. For studio photography or design work to stabilise and hold items for the best positioning
  • IT HAS TEETH: The clamps feature serrated teeth along the inside edge of the clamp throat provides extra gripping strength – perfect for holding cables, loose stick bundles, and gripping items around poles and tubes. Swivelling durable ABS plastic orange heads allow workpieces with odd-angled joints and positions to be gripped tightly
  • SPRING RELEASE: The Hi-Spec Spring Quick Clamps all feature sturdy rigid, yet lightweight, bodies made from hard-wearing PP thermoplastic. The stubby textured handles are non-slip for easy holding and built around a high-tensile coiled spring, secured by a metal screw and bolt, that provides the tightest of grips for spring clamps
  • FROM JUMBO TO SHRIMP: The 4 biggest monster clamps are 165mm/6.5in long and open to a jaw width of 70mm/2.8in with a throat depth of 70mm/2.8in. The strongest in the set and needs a firm grip to fully open. The 6 medium-sized clamps are 115mm/4.5in long and open to a jaw width of 50mm/2.0in with a throat depth of 45mm/1.6in. The 8 smallest clamps are 95mm/3.7in long and open to a jaw width of 40mm/16mm with a throat depth of 35mm/1.4in for general-purpose and lightweight usage