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Hi-Spec 17 Piece Kid's Tool Kit Set with Truck Tool Box


Product Description

The Hi-Spec 17 Piece Kid's Blue Tool Kit Set is designed to offer a practical and educational experience, this tool kit set contains an array of real metal hand tools, perfectly tailored for children and beginners.

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  • Tools: Real metal hand tools
  • Tool Box: Brightly colored and lightweight truck tool box
  • Additional Accessories: Work apron with handy front pockets and a pair of dust glasses
  • Age suitability: Recommended for ages 5-7 years and above with adult supervision


The Hi-Spec 17 Piece Kid's Tool Kit Set includes:

  • Stubby Screwdrivers: Easier to grip and safer for small hands, the kit contains 1/4" Slotted and 2# Phillips Stubby Screwdrivers.
  • Measuring Tools: Includes 6' Alloy Square Level, 6"" Plastic Level with steel ball inside, and 2M Transparent Tape Measure.
  • Hand Tools: The set comes with a 4OZ Blue Hammer and 6' Slip Joint Pliers.
  • Work Apron & Dust Glasses: A child-size Work Apron and universal size Dust Glasses are also included.
  • Marking Tools: The kit features 2 Blue Carpenters Pencils and a Blue Pencil Sharpener.
  • Scissors: 5" Children's Safety Scissors with blunt ends for safety.
  • Spring Clamps: The set includes 2 Mini 3' Blue Nylon Clamps with Grey End Grips.
  • Truck-style Tool Box: A brightly colored tool box with individual tool slots for safe and organized storage.