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Hi-Spec 160 PSI Tire Pressure Dial Gauge

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec 160 PSI Tire Pressure Dial Gauge is an essential instrument for every cyclist, this tire pressure gauge ensures optimal and efficient performance by keeping your tires at the correct pressure.


  • Pressure Range: Up to 160 PSI
  • Valve Compatibility: Presta/French valves
  • Dial Type: Analog clock-like glass dial
  • Units Displayed: PSI and kg/cm2
  • Weight: 113g
  • Standards: Calibrated to ANSI EN 837 3% standards
  • Extras: Quick-release air button for pressure adjustment and zeroing gauge


The Hi-Spec 160 PSI Tire Pressure Dial Gauge package includes:

  • 1 x Tire Pressure Dial Gauge: Designed for quick and accurate readings, the gauge is easy to attach to the tire valve, providing an instant reading that holds even when detached, permitting closer study and minimizing quick reading errors.
  • Built-in Quick Release Air Button: For over-inflated tires, this built-in feature allows air to bleed out, reducing strain on the tire's inner walls. It also allows you to zero the gauge before use.
  • Protective Rubber Ring: This outer chunky rubberized bumper ring protects the gauge from unexpected bumps and scratches, ensuring longevity.