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Hi-Spec 108 Piece Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set With Precision Screw Driver Bits For Android Mobile Cell Phones, iPhones, Macbooks, Laptops, Notebooks, Video Game Consoles & Electronic Gadgets

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  • UNFASTEN, OPEN & REPAIR: You don’t need to buy a new device or suffer performance issues just because it has a faulty or damaged part. Begin repairing and fixing with The Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set and its precision screwdriver bits for a complete range of Android mobile cell smart phones, Apple iPhones, Macbooks, computers, notebooks, tablets, electronic gadgets, game consoles, and devices
  • MODERN TECH: Today’s electronics pack an impressive array of assemblies, connectors, camera modules, WiFi antenna and a host of other delicate components into compact hardware. With the Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit get the job done quickly and correctly. Includes the Pentlobe bits for Apple iphones and Macbooks, and Torx and Philips bits for all devices. NB. Fasteners vary greatly across devices and should be checked for compatibility first
  • DISASSEMBLE & REPAIR: With the proper guides and the correct tools, repairs will be straightforward and trouble-free. The Hi-Spec Repair Tool Kit can safely remove cracked screens, unfasten and remove housing cases, display, batteries and cameras, audio jacks, dock connectors, speakers, and motherboards with its host of precision bits and array of accessory tools.
  • PRECISION TOOLS: Packed with 9 x tools: Aluminium driver handle with free-spinning cap end and built-in extension bar for recessed positions; drill driver power tools adaptor bit; flex-driver extension for awkward fastening positions; suction cup for lifting panels; fine-nose angled tweezers; two nylon pry/lever opening tools; triangular opening pick; magnetizer block to temporarily magnetize driver bits
  • PRECISION BITS IN A CASE: 99 Piece Cr-V 4mm Hex Shank precision bits & sockets: 8 x Pentlobe; 2 x Tripoint; 20 x Torx; 10 x Philips; 14 x Slot/Flat; 23 x Hex; 8 x Pozidriv; 4 x Triangle; 8 x mini-Sockets; 2 x Spanner. All accessories and tools neatly packaged in a double-sided storage case that opens on front and back sides keeping items organized and labelled