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Hi-Spec 10 Piece Hook, Pick, Scraper & Pick-Up Tool Kit Set for Automotive, Garage, Workshop, Car Mechanics DIY Repair & Crafting. Includes Telescopic Magnetic LED Tool

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  • MECHANICS ESSENTIALS: In any busy garage and workshop, hook and pick tools are a practical necessity for cars, bikes, vehicles, engines, and machinery. The Hi-Spec Hook, Pick, Scraper & Pick-Up Tool Kit Set has the full-size and precision tools for hooking, aligning, prying, positioning, and cleaning of components, parts and accessories in any repair, installation, and maintenance job
  • STOP FIDDLING ABOUT: Get a multitude of uses with the Hi-Spec Hook, Pick, Scraper & Pick-Up Tool Kit Set: Prise, lift out and seat O-rings, gaskets, oil seals and washers, unhook and unclip tight radiator springs and hooks, unplug and disconnect electrical connections, remove and replace fuses, pull and separate cables and wires, loop bands and rubber hose rings, clean, scrape, mark and score workpieces, release and pry apart cotter pins, buckles, clips and catches
  • 5 FULL-SIZE TOOLS: 3 hook and pick tools and 1 straight pick, with 6mm thick shanks, and 1 scraper tool with a thicker 7.8mm shank. Each are 250mm/10in long including chunky 108mm/4-1/4in long handles with inlaid rubber non-slip grips. Holes in the handles allow hanging on any pegboard or as a leverage position for extra turning torque. The shafts are heat-treated Carbon steel for extra hardness with an electroplated surface coating for corrosion resistance
  • 4 PRECISION-SIZE TOOLS: The fine or precision sized tools, 3 hook and pick and 1 straight pick, reach small spaces and gaps and easily place and position parts too small for big hands. Each are 162mm/6-3/8in long, including 89mm/3-1/2in handles of the same type as the larger tools, with chrome-plated 3.5mm/9/64in fine shafts. All tools are kept secure by elastic straps in a splash-proof polyester Oxford Cloth weave roll-up tool bag with reinforced hanging holes
  • MAGNETIC PICKUP & LED TOOL: Collect dropped or out of reach tools, screws, nuts, clips, and other metal components with the telescopic pick-up tool and its powerful Neodymium magnet tip. Its stainless steel shaft extends for a total length of 800mm/2ft7-1/2in including the non-slip handle. An LED light, also integrated at the tip, searches under car seats, down drains and vents, or around engine parts. Turn it on and off just by twisting the end-cap. Includes batteries