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Hi-Spec 1 Piece Magnetic Wall Stud Finder & Spirit Level. Strong Magnet Detector for Steel Nails, Screws & Fasteners in Stud Walls, Plasterboard, Drywall, Wood, & Timber Fixings

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  • WALL DIY MADE ACCURATE: Find the strongest and safest walls positions for nailing, drilling and screw-driving with The Hi-Spec Magnetic Wall Stud Finder & Spirit Level tool. Locate the hidden stud wall wooden framework behind plasterboard and drywall for installing wall-plugs and anchors, brackets, mounts, and hooks. Securely put up shelves, lights, heavy mirrors, picture frames or the new flat-screen TV
  • FIND THE STUD: As a detector, use it to find the metal heads of nails and screws that securely fix and mount plasterboard, drywall panels or gypsum wallboards onto studs – the hidden strong frameworks of vertical timber support beams or struts. Mark the stud’s position for proper drilling and secure mounting of supports, fixtures and fittings
  • MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: With 2 Neodymium magnets, a powerful magnetic rare-earth alloy, the Hi-Spec Magnetic Wall Stud Finder’s penetrating magnetic field attracts and attaches to steel items like nails, screws, cable and pipe clips, and frames close to the wall surface – to typical depths of 16mm (5/8in). NB. Not suitable for power or electrical wiring, copper piping, aluminium, lead or non-ferrous materials, nor lath & plaster walls
  • PULLING POWER: A useful top hook allows tying of a cord or string. Swung freely along a wall, the Hi-Spec Magnetic Wall Stud Finder becomes a scanner that will pull itself towards concealed nails or screws. Also, protect power tools before any sawing, cutting or sanding by locating broken nails or unseen screws and rivets in re-used timber or wooden pallets
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Working straight out of the box, The Hi-Spec Magnetic Wall Stud Finder & Spirit Level does not need batteries and has no confusing electronic displays. And includes a built-in mini spirit level that can rotate through 90degrees to ensure straight positioning installation of shelving, cabinets, racks or lamps