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Apollo Precision Tools Helping Hands Solder Stand

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Product Description: The Apollo Precision Tools Helping Hands Solder Stand is the ideal companion for your hobby, craft, and electronic projects. Designed to assist DIY enthusiasts, amateur electricians, jewelry makers, and more, this stand ensures that detailed tasks are made simpler. With magnification options and LED lighting, you'll have a clear view and stable hold on any project.

Key Features:

  • Magnifies and illuminates work for detailed tasks.
  • Suitable for soldering, model making, jewelry crafting, and more.
  • Twin LED lights provide consistent illumination.
  • Flexible crocodile clamps hold items securely.
  • Durable cast iron base ensures stability.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 105mm
  • Magnifications: Dual Magnifying Glass (3.5X and 12X)
  • LEDs: Twin lights for consistent lighting. (Note: AAA Batteries not supplied)
  • Material: Components made from stiff A3 Steel with rust-resistant nickel-plating.
  • Base: Heavy Cast Iron (Weight: 0.8kg/1.8lbs; Size: 115x70x18mm / 4.5x2.8x0.7in)


  1. LED Helping Hands Tool:
    • Primary Lens: 65mm, Secondary Diameter: 17mm
    • 2 Bright LEDs
    • 2 Crocodile Jaws with adjustable angles
    • Soldering stand for safe storage of soldering iron/pen
    • Soldering Sponge for cleaning soldering tool tips
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