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Hi-Spec 1 Piece Helping Hands Solder Stand with Magnifying Lens. Third Hand Soldering Iron Base with Adjustable Clips for Clamping in Electronics, Models, Hobby & Craftwork

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Size:105mm – LEDs

The Must-Have Hobby, Craft and Electronics Project Assistant!

Get the results you need on projects including soldering, model making and painting, craft, metal work and jewelry with this helping hand to grab, magnify and illuminate your work! Great for DIY enthusiasts and amateur electricians working with circuit boards, bracelets, models or embroidery, stamp collecting, working with antiques and even reading – life is easier when you have helping hands!

- Dual Magnifying Glass with 3.5X and 12X magnifications to allow for a closer look

- Twin LED lights to give you a good, consistent amount of light

- Crocodile Clamps easy to manipulated to the position that you need

- Soldering stand and sponge for assistance in soldering tasks

- Heavy Cast Iron Base stays firmly on the ground even when working with heavier objects


(1) LED Helping Hands Tool
- Magnification Lens for easy close inspection of projects(Primary Lens 65mm, Secondary Diameter 17mm)
- 2 bright LEDs for working in low light
- 2 Crocodile Jaws with easy rotation/ manipulation to get the angle you need
- Soldering stand for safe storage of soldering iron/pen
- Soldering Sponge to remove any excess solder from the tools tip

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- Hi-Spec Warranty:All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design, material and workmanship

  • HANDS DOWN USEFUL: The must have soldering, modelling, hobby, art and crafts and electronics assistant when two hands are simply not enough! Get a firm hold and clear look on electronics repair, modelling, jewellery making and crafting, figurine painting or sculpting, and precision inspection work. Make close-up work less fiddly and frustrating with its complete flexibility in holding and positioning of workpieces
  • EYE-CATCHING LENS: The large 105mm/4.1in magnifying glass has a 2 times magnification power for no more squinting and eye-tiredness. Made of polished acrylic surrounded by a protective ABS frame and mounted on a ball-joint bracket for complete manoeuvrability. Built into the frame is an on/off switch for 2 LEDs that brightly illuminate workpieces NB. AAA Batteries are not supplied
  • GRIPPING CLIPS: 2 crocodile/alligator clips, with strong 15mm/0.6in jaws, are mounted along a horizontal beam for a wide spacing of 145mm/5.7in and full rotation and manoeuvring. The beam can be rotated, lowered and raised on a vertical shaft to a working height of 160mm/6.3in. Components are made from stiff A3 Steel with rust-resistant nickel-plating
  • TAKE A HEAVY STAND: Made of solid cast iron and weighing a hefty 0.8kg/1.8lbs, with components, the base stand has a protective black spray coating and a non-slip and non-scratch foam underside layer. With a compact foot size of 115x70x18mm / 4.5x2.8x0.7in, awkward and sensibly-weighted workpieces are stably kept in place
  • NO DRY JOINTS: The perfect assistant for all soldering projects: circuit boards, discrete components, wiring, jewellery, and arts and crafts. The steel soldering basket stand, entry diameter of 25mm/1in, keeps your soldering iron safe and can be rotated and fixed to either the left or right rear sides of the base stand. Complete with a cleaning sponge that fits perfectly into the base tray