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6 Piece Steelmaster High-Carbon steel File Set. Flat, Round and Triangle Files For DIY


De-burr, shape, trim, and smooth metal, wood and plastics. Complete set of 6 full-length for DIY, woodworking, craftwork and hobbies.


For general-purpose broad filing. Long 6in/152mm machinist’s files plus 2.5in/63mm textured rubber-grip handles with hanging holes. The Flat, Half-Round and Triangle files have a double-cut tooth pattern, whilst the Round file is a single-cut. Coarseness is from bastard to second-cut and have teeth cut along the edges.


The heat-treated High-Carbon steel alloys give high-wear resistance and hardness with low ductility. A light touch of machine oil is used to preserve their surface finish.


High-Carbon steel alloys