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5 Piece Steelmaster Combination SAE Wrench Set


Product Description

The 5 Piece Combination SAE Wrench Set is a vital toolset for every handyman. Made from polished chrome CR-V, these wrenches offer durability and reliability for a wide range of tasks.


  • Material: Chrome Plated Cr-V Steel Alloy
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Wrench Sizes: 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16 and 5/8"
  • Features: Open-ended and 12-point ring heads


  • 3/8" Wrench: For small to medium-sized bolts and nuts.
  • 7/16" Wrench: A mid-sized wrench for versatile use.
  • 1/2" Wrench: Ideal for larger bolts and fittings.
  • 9/16" Wrench: Suitable for substantial, sturdy bolts.
  • 5/8" Wrench: The largest wrench for heavy-duty applications.