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4pc Steelmaster Pliers Set for Household DIY. Long-Nose, Slip-Joint Pliers and Combination Pliers with Diagonal Cutters


Steelmaster Pliers Set has the practical basics of hand tools for everyday household and garage DIY.

Whether it's for home improvement, DIY repairs, workshop projects or craftwork. Pull and snip wires and cable. Install fixtures & fittings. Fasten nuts, bolts & pipes. Tighten and loosen nuts, bolts and pipes.  Open up and fix appliances


  • LONG / NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS : Compact sized pliers with an extended grip to access small or awkward spaces
  • COMBINATION PLIERS : Thick Jaws for strong gripping, holding, twisting and turning
  • DIAGONAL PLIERS / CUTTERS : Sharpened blades easily cut and snip wires, cables and nails, or even for gardening work
  • SLIP-JOINT PLIERS : The pivot point can adjust position for tight gripping on the larger nuts and bolt sizes

Hardened Steel with Comfort Hold Grips

Heat-treated Chromium-Vanadium Steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Black TPR rubberised handles for non-slip gripping and holding