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Steelmaster 18-In-1 Multi-function Hand Tool for Camping and Travel


All-Purpose Outdoor Multi-tool for camping, hiking and more. Cut, saw, grip, open, tighten, unscrew and more. A stainless steel body makes it a stand-out tool set for practical fixing and maintenance anywhere.


An integrated locking system that holds tools securely in place during use. Every tool can be locked and conveniently used with one hand so you have the other hand free to secure the item you are working on or multi-task with your free hand


Just grab and go wherever you are. Mini hand tool for on-the-spot emergencies: 1-1/4" Jaw Combination Pliers with Mini-Cutters, 1-1/4” Knife Blade; 2" Saw Blade; Can/Tin Opener; Bottle Opener, 4 Screwdrivers: SL3-5-5; PH12; 2” Ruler, 2” Fine File, Fish Descaler

Heat Treated Carbon Steel