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Amazing DIY Woodworking Projects Anyone Can Do At Home

Amazing DIY Woodworking Projects Anyone Can Do At Home

Are you interested in growing your DIY and woodworking skills?  At Hi-Spec, we offer a wide variety of woodworking tools.  However, even if you have all of the tools, you still need ideas for projects and creations.

In this article, we describe some basic woodworking tools that can be completed by the average DIYer.  The great thing about all of these projects is that they will make lovely additions for your home and make great conversation pieces as you showcase your skills to visitors.

Shoe Rack

shoe rack

The entrance way of a home can quickly become cluttered with an overabundance of footwear.  All too often, shoes get piled on other shoes even if the season for certain pairs is long gone.

A shoe rack can help you organize this area of your home, but many commercially-available racks are difficult to customize and may not be as useful as they appear on the shelf.  By building this item yourself, you can make it to the exact specifications you need for your own unique shoe collection.

Accessories Shelf


A shoe rack helps organize the floor of your entrance way, but what about all of your accessories like your keys, wallet, and eyewear?  A homemade accessories shelf is just what you need to keep all of these items safe and secure in an attractive, organized place.

Building your own accessory shelf will give you the freedom to build exactly what you need instead of buying something from a store that requires you to compromise.  You can choose the hardware that fits your home’s style and build the shelf to a size that works for your entrance.

Wine Shelf

wine shelf

There are countless ways to creatively store and display bottles of wine.  You may decide to build a shelf that allows the bottles to be stored on their side, or you may build a shelf out of thin plywood that allows your bottles to be stored by inserting their necks into holes in the material.

Depending on your home’s available space, you can make a shelf that allows for compact storage in otherwise unused spaces, or you can build a shelf the purpose of which is to display your bottles in a creative way.

Custom Frames

picture frames

Picture frames are expensive, and sometimes the quality of a store-bought frame doesn’t seem consistent with the price being charged.

A DIY woodworker with the right tools can make a variety of different frames from all sorts of new or reclaimed wood.  And you don’t have to stop with pictures.  You can also breath new life into an old mirror by building it a custom frame.

The great thing about getting good at building frames is that it improves your finishing carpentry skills.  If you like the work you do building a frame, taking on projects like finishing baseboards will be an easy transition.

Picture Shelf


Want a simple way to display pictures that makes it easy to rearrange them without putting lots of holes in your walls?  Consider building and mounting small picture shelves on the walls of your home.

A shallow, decorative shelf can be used to display small pictures and knick-knacks.  The advantage of building such a shelf is that you can quickly and easily change the decor in a room without much effort; once the shelf is built, all you have to do is arrange your items.

Compost Bin

compost bin

If you have a backyard and want to reduce your waste, a compost bin is a simple and easy way to create nutrient-rich soil for your garden without spending money in the store on compost.  This bin will also be a great place for yard waste you would otherwise throw away.

The trick with a compost bin is to make sure the compost has access to the air, so some venting is needed.  By building a box out of slats that have about an inch of space between each slat, you can build a box that provides airflow while creating the ideal conditions for your compost.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you some ideas about woodworking projects you can take on in your free with basic DIYer tools.  If you enjoyed our suggestions, we recommend reading more of our articles to see how you can build your handyperson skills.

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