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Hi-Spec Screw Driver Bits & Ratchet Handles Set with Sockets & Precision Bits.


Product Description

The Hi-Spec Screw Driver Bits & Ratchet Handles Set with Sockets & Precision Bits is an essential tool set for DIY enthusiasts. It is designed for repair and opening tasks related to computers, electronic devices, household appliances, furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

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  • Full-Size Bit Handle:

    • Size: The 190mm / 7-1/2” full-size bit handle with a rubberized chunky grip is suitable for holding sockets and large bits.
    • Ratcheting Switch: The two-direction ratcheting switch allows for rapid turning.
    • Multi-Angle Head: The adjustable 45/90-degree multi-angle head facilitates turning in awkward positions.
    • Removable End-Caps: Both handles have removable end-caps for convenient storage of extra bits.
  • Precision Bit Handle:

    • Size: The smaller 115mm / 4-1/2” bit handle is designed to hold precision bits.
    • Ratcheting Switch: It features a rubberized grip with a two-direction ratcheting switch for ease of use.
  • Adaptor Bits:

    • 25mm / 1” Adaptor Bit: This bit is used for fitting the 1/4" drive sockets.
    • 60mm / 2-3/8” Extending Adaptor: The extending adaptor allows for fastening reach into narrow recesses.
  • 9-Piece 1/4” Drive Sockets:

    • Size: The set includes 9 sockets with sizes ranging from 5mm to 13mm.
    • Fixed into Handle: The sockets are fixed into the handle using the 25mm / 1” socket adaptor bit.
  • Driver Bits:

    • Size: The driver bits feature a 6.35mm / 1/4” Hex shank with a length of 25mm.
    • Types: The set includes a wide range of driver bits for commonly found household and appliance screws, including Philips, Pozidriv, Tri-point, Spanner, Triangle, SQ, Torx, Slotted/Flat, and Hex/Allen.
  • Precision Driver Bits:

    • Size: The precision bits have a 4mm / 5/32” Hex Shank with a length of 28mm.
    • Types: The set includes precision bits for small screws found in devices like Android phones, iPhones, and MacBooks, such as SL, PH, T, Spanner, Pentalobe, Tri-point, and Triangle.


  • 61x Sockets
  • 1x Ratchet Handle Set w/ Sockets 
  • 1x Full-Size Bit Handle
  • 1x Precision Bit Handle
  • 1x Adaptor Bits


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