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Hi-Spec 127 Piece Screw Bits & Nut Drivers Tool Kit Set

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Product Description

The Hi-Spec 127 Piece Screw Bits & Nut Drivers Tool Kit Set is the ultimate solution for all your screw removal and repair needs. This comprehensive kit provides you with a wide range of hand tools specifically designed for tamper-proof and precision screwdriver repair tasks in computers, laptops, electronics, and appliances.


  • Application: Tamper-proof and precision screwdriver repair of computers, laptops, electronics, and appliances
  • Pliers Set: Includes diagonal cutters/snips, long/needle nose pliers, and curved-nose pliers
  • Handles & Accessories: Features 3 driving handles, a ratcheting wrench, a driver bit adapter for electric drill connection, a flexible extension rod, and a magnetizing block
  • Material: Shock-resisting S2 steel alloy with an electroplated coating for extra tip longevity, wear-resistance, and sharpness
  • Tool Case: Compact and organized case for easy storage and portability


  1. Screw Bits and Nut Drivers:
  • Torx, Hex, Tri-Wing, and various other screw and nut driver bits for tamper-proof and obscure screw types commonly used in electronics, appliances, and gadgets
  1. Pliers Set:
  • Diagonal Cutters/Snips: Designed for cutting and snipping wires and cables to the desired length
  • Long/Needle Nose Pliers: Ideal for pulling and gripping tasks
  • Curved-Nose Pliers: Perfect for accessing tight and awkward spaces
  1. Handles and Accessories:
  • 3 Driving Handles: Includes a ratcheting wrench and other handles for easy screw turning
  • Driver Bit Adapter: Allows connection to an electric drill driver for added convenience
  • Flexible Extension Rod: Enables reaching deep positions with ease
  • Magnetizing Block: Facilitates effortless screw pick-up
  1. Tool Case:
  • Compact and organized case for securely storing and carrying all tools, bits, and accessories, ensuring easy access whenever you need them