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Hi-Spec 12 Piece Wood Carving & Crafting Set for Chip & Relief Carving, Whittling & Carving for DIY Craftwork & Hobbyists. Chisels, Angled Knives & Gouges

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  • ✔️ ART & WOODCRAFT: Whether wood carving, sculpting or decorating, get the Hi-Spec Wood Carving & Crafting Set for a selection of knife and chisel tools. Find palm-sized chisels, angled-chisels/knives and gouges for chip and relief carving, whittling, and even pumpkin carving and linoleum cutting, whatever the art, craftwork, or DIY woodworking project
  • ✔️ COMPLETE WOOD CARVING: The Hi-Spec Wood Carving & Crafting Set features the most popular types of blades for DIY projects: Flat Straight Chisels: 7.2, 7.2(rounded), 4.3mm; V-Parting Chisel: 5.8mm; Skewed Chisels/Knives: 7.8, 7.2(double skew), 6, 5.5, 3.3mm; Flat U-Gouge out cannel bevel: 8.8, 6.8, 5mm. The blades are user-replaceable. Presented in a slimline tray box for easy storage
  • ✔️ LOVERS OF WOOD: Whether whittling by slicing off tiny pieces of a wood to sculpture a figurine, an ornamental spoon or chip carving to create letters and intricate patterns in wooden plates and boards the Hi-Spec Piece Wood Carving & Crafting Set has tools for the beginner or seasoned carver. From popular soft crafting woods such as mahogany, pine, butternut, basswood, or even soapstone and clay, a range of creative projects is made possible
  • ✔️ BLADES OF STEEL: Woodcarving can be as simple or as complex as the carver cares to make it – in any case, the blade matters. Made from SK7 Carbon Tool Steel, an alloy noted for its improved hardness and resistance to impact loads, the 4.1cm long pre-sharpened blades of the Hi-Spec Wood Carving & Crafting Set ensure accurate cutting and shaping of wood. With just the occasional oiling and re-sharpening of the edges, the blades maintain a working lifetime of use for the next project
  • ✔️ HANDLED WITH CARE: Wood-crafting requires patience, precision and time, so a comfortable handling of carving tools is a must. The handle shape of the Hi-Spec Wood Carving & Crafting Set allows holding for precise control in detail work, just like with a pencil. Made from beechwood, with a polished finish, the 12cm handles are lightweight and have a flattened base for light mallet or palm tapping. A plastic cap covers each tool for safe storage and blade protection