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Hi-Spec Piece Magnetic LED Pick-Up & Mirror Tools With Tray. Extending & Telescoping Inspection & Retrieval Upto 3.6kg/8lb

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  • PICK-UP MARVEL: From householders to mechanics and everyday DIY work, quickly retrieve dropped metal tools, screws, bolts, fiddly components, keys, kitchen utensils and more with the Hi-Spec Magnetic LED Pick-Up & Mirror Tools. Reach awkward places, nooks and crannies, and with the telescopic mirror and LED light easily inspect underneath furniture and workbenches, around engine parts, and inside drains, vents and equipment
  • PULLING POWER: With the telescopic pick-up tool in the Hi-Spec Magnetic LED Pick-Up & Mirror Tools, collect fallen metal accessories that are out of reach or in inaccessible areas. Extendable by telescopic sections and with a powerful Neodymium magnet at its tip, a particularly strong magnetic rare-earth alloy, that attaches to steel items like tools, nails, screws, rivets, washers, cable and pipe clips. NB. Not suitable for copper, aluminium, lead or non-ferrous materials
  • REACH OUT: The telescopic pick-up tool has a stainless steel 5-section shaft that extends to an end-end length of 820mm/2ft1in including its large handle, cushioned with a non-slip PVC grip. The strong Neodymium magnet head is able to lift 3.6kg/8lb of flat-sized steel weight
  • AND THERE WAS LIGHT: Search dimly lit spaces or dark areas with the LED light integrated within the magnet at the tip of the Hi-Spec Telescopic Pick-Up Tool. Its bright LED illuminates, just like a torch or flashlight, under car seats and large furniture, down drains and vents, or inside appliances and engines. Turn it on and off just by twisting the end-cap. Includes batteries
  • SEEK & STORE: Inspect and see behind, under and around obstructions and restricted views with the Hi-Spec Telescopic Mirror. Its 51mm/2in round mirror sits on a double-ball hinge joint for complete tilting and rotational freedom. With a 4-section shaft, it has a total length of 545mm/1ft9-1/4in including the handle. Keep and store all loose components and accessories together inside the magnetized tray. Also, the tray sticks to metal surfaces, on sides or even upside-down, for easy access