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Hi-Spec Dual Temperature Mini Hot Glue Gun with High & Low Dual Temp Settings and 50pc 7mm Glue Sticks for Modeling, Sealing, Arts & Crafts, DIY Projects and Quick Repairs Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

  • THE LITTLE GLUE GUN THAT COULD: Don’t let its size fool you! This mini dual temperature glue gun is capable of performing a wide range of delicate and more heavy-duty tasks including arts & crafts, decorating, clothing adjustment, modeling, jewelry repair, household repairs, and school and DIY projects. Create permanent fixes in projects involving wood, plastic, ceramics, cloth, card and much more!
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: This must have tool is sure to become your next arts and crafts projects assistant, with an easy to use design that provides great-looking results! Whether putting together a school project, adding rhinestones to clothes, assembling models or fixing a broken piece of furniture, make sure you create a reliable hold that lasts!
  • GET THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE: The tool’s Dual Temperature (334/380°) setting means you get the right temperature for different materials to prevent damage to your project and a fast heat-up time means you spend less time waiting and more time working on projects you love. The high temperature can be used for wood, metal plastics and all non-porous materials
  • READY, AIM, GLUE!: An ergonomic design makes the tool easy to hold with a pressure-sensitive trigger that allows for accurate application of the heated glue exactly where you need it. The guns mini design means it can be used by a range of users, regardless of age (or size) and can be stored away easily ready for the next time that you need it. A flip stand keeps the tool and user safe between uses while maintaining your selected temperature
  • READY TO GO: Everything you need to get started including 50pc 7mm x 100mm (9/32”x 4”)mini glue sticks, removable stand and dual temperature glue gun – perfect for beginners or anyone with less glue gun usage experience. Wait no more, get stuck in on that DIY or craft project in mind and give it a professional finish you can be proud of!