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Hi-Spec All-In-One 30W Soldering Station inc. Soldering Iron, Helping Hands & 9pc Accessory Set - Desoldering Pump, Tin Alloy Solder, De-Solder Alloy & 2pc Solder Assist Tools

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  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLDERING WORK STATION: This Soldering Work Station has a large heavy base and built in helping hand alligator clips to hold circuit boards securely in place while you work. Also includes a large solder iron holder, sponge cleaning station, and accessory drawer for parts storage. This new All-In-One Soldering Work Station is a must for all solder and electronics enthusiasts
  • POWERFUL AND DURABLE: Powerful 30W Iron heats to an optimal 300 Degrees Celsius in 3 minutes and has a fast heating recovery time. It features a stainless steel barrel and heat & impact resistant handle for durability
  • COMPACT & EASY TO USE: The ergonomic soft rubber handle gives optimal handling and control while working. Long power cord to allow you to easily work around objects. Features an easy to replace solder tip
  • ALL INCLUSIVE COMBO KIT: Not only will this work station keep your objected firmly secured while you solder, but it includes a large iron holder, tip cleaning sponge area, and parts drawer. Also includes all essential soldering accessories: tin alloy solder, de-soldering pump tool, de-solder alloy and 2 useful solder assist tools
  • 24 MONTH QUALITY GUARANTEE: Satisfaction assured on this Soldering Work Station with a Hi-Spec twenty four month quality warranty