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Hi-Spec 8 Piece T-Handle Torx Key Wrench Set. Sizes T9 to T40. Long Arm Steel Keys for The Household, Furniture, Flat-Pack, Fittings & Fixtures, DIY Fixing & Assembly

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  • THE KEYS TO DIY SUCCESS: Close to hand and with extra long shanks, the Hi-Spec T-Handle Torx Key Wrench Set ensures no slowing down when assembling furniture and flat-packs, installing fixtures and fittings, tightening loose fasteners, opening equipment, and even making bike adjustments
  • POPULAR SIZES: The Hi-Spec T-Handle Torx Key Wrench Set, covers popular sized fasteners around the home, garden, garage and workshop. 8 x 152mm/6in Long Arm: T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40
  • DESIGNED FOR USABILITY: The extra long 152mm/6in arm shanks reach further into deep recesses or between obstructions for easier turning. The T-Handles are a one-piece continuous loop of metal, there is no separation between handle and shank, which provides a large grip and greater torque leverage
  • MATERIAL STRENGTHS: Heat-treated Chromium-Vanadium steel is used to withstand high levels of turning torque and is finished with a black oxide coating for extra rust resistance. The soft PVC covers of the T-Handles give comfortable handling and better non-slip turning
  • EASY OPEN POUCHES: The clear-case pouches open on both sides for easy access. Two reinforced holes hang the pouch on a tool shelf or wall. The set’s compact size enables easy storage in a tool drawer or in bigger tool boxes or cases