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Hi-Spec 73 Piece Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set with Precision Screwdriver Bits for Electronics & Computers, Mobile Smart Phones, Laptops, Game Controllers & Gadgets. All In a Zipper Case


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Product Description

Hi-Spec Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set. Pry Bars, Precision Screwdrivers & More Essentials for Computers & Laptops, Consoles & Gadgets


Get the job done with the Hi-Spec Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set. A complete package for removing screws and cases to begin disassembling and installing in computers, notebooks, drones, gadgets, game consoles, appliances and toys. All tightly organized in a splash-proof zipper case,

  • Open cases, bezels and covers
  • Remove popularly found screws in connectors, assemblies, and modules
  • Extract and pick-up fiddly components
  • Strip and cut wire and cable




Make repairs straightforward and trouble-free with the most commonly reached for specialty and precision tools for electronics and computer maintenance, upgrades and even everyday home DIY tasks.







Precision Bits & Handle Set

  • Slim precision bit driver handle with soft grip and free-spinning cap for stable turning
  • Built-in extension rod and the 175mm Flexible Extension attachment accesses hard to reach positions
  • The extra hardened S2 Steel in the precision bits ensure they always remain in shape.
  • 20 x Precision Bits (4mm/5/32"): Torx: T4-5-6-8; Phillips: PH000-00-0; Slotted/Flat: 1.0-1.5-2.0mm; Hex/Allen: 0.8-1.5-2-3


Ratcheting Bit Driver & Full-Size Bits

  • Thick-grip driver handle with two-direction ratchet control for fast turning of the full-size bits
  • 16 x 25mm CRV Bits (1/4"/6mm): Phillips: PH1-2-3; Torx: T10-15-20-25-30; Slotted/Flat: 1/8- 5/32-3/16-1/4"; Pozidriv: PZ1-2


Full Size Precision Screwdrivers

  • Slim full length precision screwdrivers with 100m long shanks to reach deep positions
  • Phillips: PH1
  • Slotted/Flat: 3.0mm

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Pliers, Strippers & Cutters

  • The essential wiring and cable tools - all in a compact size
  • Adjustable Wire Stripper (125mm)
  • Diagonal Cutters/Snips (115mm)
  • Long Nose Pliers (115mm)


Opening Tools

  • 3 x plastic and one metal-head pry bar/lever and pick separating tools to slide open bezels and covers
  • Suction cup to lift panels and screens
  • 3-Claw Pick Up Tool for holding and retrieving small parts
  • Utility knife with snap-off blades for cutting and trimming
  • Stainless Steel Tweezers for picking fiddly components
  • Dust Brush (130mm) for cleaning out the dust and crumbs in your keyboard



  • Anti-static Wrist Strap for earthing and prevention of static shocks to ESD components.
  • Voltage Tester pen/probe for household electricity
  • 20 x Cable Ties (200mm) to keep cables tidy and professionally organized

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Wire, Cable and Cutting Tools
Lifting and Prying Bar Tools
Pentalobe Driver Bits for iPhones & MacBooks
  • OPEN & REPAIR: Beat product obsolescence and begin repairing and fixing now with The Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set for electronics, gadgets and devices, mobile cell smart phones, computers and laptops, game controllers, drones, cameras, tablets, even watches and glasses
  • UNFASTEN & UNSCREW: With a 36 piece set of popular driver bits and 2 precision screwdrivers, the Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit gets the job done quickly and correctly. Includes the Pentlobe screw driver bits to open Apple iPhones and MacBooks, and Torx and Philips bits for all devices. NB. Fasteners vary greatly across devices and should be checked for compatibility first
  • DISASSEMBLE & REPAIR: With the proper guides and tools, repairs with the Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit are straightforward and trouble-free. Pry and slide open bezels, cases, and covers with the pry/lever separating tools and the triangular pick, securely lift panels with the suction cup, and pick fiddly components with the fine-nose tweezers. Use the long-nose pliers for pulling wires, the mini-strippers for removing insulation, and the diagonal cutters/snips for cutting to length
  • PRECISION HANDLING: The forward and reverse turning ratcheting bit driver handle enables precise torque adjustment of the full-size driver bits with its ratcheting turns. Use the precision handle, and its built-in extension bar to turn deep recessed positions, for the precision bits. Nb. Bits are non-magnetised. The flexible extension rod allows for access to tight and awkward spots
  • ACCESSORIES & ZIPPER CASE: Complete with Anti-Static wrist strap for earthing, a 3-claw component pick-up/extraction tool, voltage tester pen/probe, a keyboard dust brush, and a bundle of cable ties/wraps. All accessories and tools neatly packaged in a slim Oxford-cloth zipper case that opens flat keeping keeps items organized and easy to find. NB. Utility Tool Handle Only - No Cutting Blades Included. Contact our Customer Support for compatible sellers on Amazon