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Hi-Spec 7 Piece Pliers, Wrench & Screwdrivers Tool Kit Set with Cutters. The Basic Big Hand Tools for General Home, Workplace & Garage DIY. Secured in a Roll-Up Bag

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  • THESE ARE THE TOOLS: For prepared beginners and seasoned DIY tool users, the Hi-Spec Pliers, Wrench & Screwdrivers Tool Kit Set gets the job done. Find the practical basics of hand tools for everyday household and garage repair, fixing and maintenance. All carried in a hard-wearing roll-up tool bag
  • BACK TO BASICS DIY: Whatever the DIY task, get cracking with the Hi-Spec Pliers, Wrench & Screwdrivers Tool Kit Set. Install fixtures and fittings. Repair and replace parts. Tighten and loosen nuts, bolts and pipes. Open up and fix appliances. Pull and snip wires and cable
  • WRENCH & SCREWDRIVERS: With an adjustable jaw, the large crescent wrench turns a variety of nuts and bolts. Its large shaft handle with non-slip grip has more leverage for stubborn fasteners. The pair of full-size long screwdrivers with chunky handles are a match for common household screws
  • PLUMBERS PLIERS: Especially for kitchen and bathroom plumbing tasks, hold and turn large nuts, bolts, taps and pipe fittings. Also known as Water Pump or Groove Joint Pliers, its adjustable slip-joint widens the toughened knurled jaws to securely grip irregular-surfaces and shapes
  • SNIPPERS & PLIERS: With sharpened jaws, the Diagonal Cutting Pliers easily cuts and snips wires, cables and nails, even for gardening work. Use the thick head of the combination pliers to pull, grip and twist. With the compact-sized long/needle nose pliers access small or awkward spaces