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Hi-Spec 60 Piece Electronics Electrical Engineer Tool Kit with 30W Soldering Iron, Desoldering Pump, Wire Crimper, Stripper, Cutter, Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver and Bits, IC Extractor Tool in Case


Product Description

Hi-Spec 60 Piece Electronics & Soldering Repair Tool Set Kit & Inspection Mirror. PCBs, Electrical Circuits, Computers, & Gadgets. In Portable Case


Get repairing and fixing now with the Hi-Spec 60 Piece Electronics & Soldering Repair Tool Set Kit. Packed with essential tools to open up and repair electronics, circuit boards, devices and gadgets.

  • Inspection Mirror and Magnetic Pick Up Tools
  • Soldering Iron Kit with solder pump and accessories
  • Full range of precision tools for opening, cutting and stripping
  • Complete in a clear-lid display carry case that folds outwards for easy access








30W Soldering Iron

  • Pen design for precision work in soldering tasks
  • Heats up quickly and the handle stays cool
  • Tip can be replaced when it becomes worn out



Soldering Iron Stand

Keeps your soldering iron from damaging your work surface



Spool of Solder

(50% tin, 50% lead) Small spool that gets you started on that project you have in mind



Desolding Pump

Quickly and easily removes excess solder from your project



30W Soldering Iron


Soldering Iron Stand


Solder Spool


Desoldering Pump







3-In-1 Wire Stripper

  • Strip 10 to 22 AWG wires
  • Trims wires
  • Cuts Bolts 4-40 to 10-32
  • Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals

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IC Inserter / Extractor

For safe handling of computer chips. Insulates sensitive components from static shocks from your hand.


Extendable Magnet & Mirror

Get in to those hard to reach places and see what you're doing with extendable magnet and mirror. Retrieve dropped nuts and bolts.


Probing & Grabbing Tools

Move around wires or poke at things in tight spaces. The 3 pronged retrieval tool and tweezers makes manipulating small wires and screws easy.


Pliers Set

Included precision long-nose pliers and diagonal cutting pliers make cutting and pulling wires easy. Plastic grips make prolonged use more comfortable.

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Magnetic Bitdriver with Bits

1"(25mm) CRV Screw Bits:

SL: 5/32,3/16,1/4" Ph:: #1,#2,#3 T: T9,T10,T15,T20 H: 1/16,5/64,3/32,1/8,5/32"


4x Mini Socket Set

Nut drivers: 3/16,7/32,5/16,9/32

Most common sizes used in PC cases and more.


Precision Screwdrivers

Slotted: 1/8" Phillips: #0

For small screws common in household and handheld electronics


Storage Containers

Keeps components safe, secure and ready for when you need them. Fits in a slot inside of case for easy access.

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Soldering & Desoldering Tools
Adjustable Soldering and Inspection Stand
Full Complement of Repair Tools
  • ELECTRONICS & ELECTRICAL REPAIR TOOL KIT: Contains the most reached tools for access, repair and maintenance of electronics and electrical work including PC, Computer, Car, Home and Office. Take care of your electrical devices with the right tools – and give yourself the great results you need and deserve!
  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLDERING TOOLS: 30W Soldering Pen allows for precision working soldering tasks with stand to keep your tool safe between use. A reel of solder gets you started on that project in mind plus De-soldering pump removes any excess solder for great-looking results. Double-Ended Soldering Assist Tools make sure you can easily manipulate you work
  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEER TOOLS: A 3-in-1 Wire Crimper, Bolt Cutter and Wire Cutter is a must-have additional to your tool set. Fine tweezers, Clamp-on Tweezers and IC(integrated circuit) inserter/extractor ensure safe handling of delicate parts and 3-prong retrieving tool grab for handling wires.
  • PRECISION EQUIPMENT: Most popular precision Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers allow adjustment of smaller screws found on electronics. 4 piece mini-socket set for accessing desktop cases, PC components, 15 piece driver screwdriver insert bits for commonly found screw and fastener sizes.
  • HI-SPEC WARRANTY – FOLD FLAT CASE: All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design, material and workmanship. A unique reversible storage case displays tools on the outside and opens flat to allow easy desk-top access to all tools at once while keeping tools clean and organized.