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Hi-Spec 4 Piece Mallet & Wood Chisel Set. 1/2", 3/4" & 1" Steel Chisels for Carving Wood, Carpentry, Sculpting, Framing, Woodturning, Furniture, Crafts & Woodwork

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Begin Your Masterpiece!

The essential set for anyone looking to start their woodwork project, regardless of experience or the size of the task at hand. 3 sizes of chisel to create the exact cut you need, with durability and edge retention that won’t let you down when during even the toughest of jobs. Amateur carpenter or woodworking enthusiastic, now is the time to begin you masterpiece, and this is the kit you need you need to help you do it!


3 x Bench Chisels with Solid-forged hardened steel blades and contoured handles:
1/2" Chisel for creating, more precise cuts, getting into tighter spaces and cleaning up joints
3/4" Chisel for medium sized cuts for general applications
1/4" Chisel for making wider cuts including tenon shoulders

Beech Mallet, well balanced for creating the desired power and cut

- Make sure your chisels stay sharp at all times, as dull and blunt edges will lead to poor results
- Always cut with the chisels edge pointing away from your body
- Make sure that your project is secure and will not move during work

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  • GET STARTED: Get chipping away in no time with the Hi-Spec 4 Piece Mallet & Wood Chisel Set for carpentry, sculpting, framing, carving and other DIY wood projects. The 3 chisel sizes allow application to a range tasks for hobbyists, carvers, carpenters and artists, to begin your masterpiece without further delay
  • KEEN EDGE FROM START TO FINISH: Enjoy sharp precision and durability with the Hi-Spec 4 Piece Mallet & Wood Chisel Set. Forged from heat-treated 40Cr Carbon Steel alloy and an edge retention means clean wood cuts without the need for regular sharpening between jobs. Each chisel is 270mm/10.6in long with a blade length of 110mm/4.3in
  • CONTROL & BALANCE: Chisels are well-balanced with full-sized contoured handles to provide increased leverage for precision, and co-molded grips are shock-absorbing for comfort with extended use. Butt end is shaped for comfortable striking with the palm of your hand or mallet with accurate results – great for intricate DIY and craftwork projects
  • STARTERS MALLET: The Beechwood Mallet in the Hi-Spec 4 Piece Mallet & Wood Chisel Set has a 170mm/6.25in tapered handle with a smooth sanded grip. At a lightweight of only 196g/0.4lb it is easy to hold and manoeuvre for light tapping and precision chiselling
  • ALL-IN-ONE SET: Set includes 1/2", 3/4" and 1” Carpenter's Chisels for a range of cuts for the desired task or application, plus sturdy Beech Carpenters Mallet. Chisels come with protective caps to prevent edges becoming dull and for safe and convenient transportation. Everything you need to get started on that DIY, carpentry or woodworking project in mind – what are you waiting for?