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Hi-Spec 38 Piece Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set with Precision Screwdriver Bits for Electronics & Computers, Mobile Smart Phones, Laptops, Game Controllers & Gadgets. All in a Zipper Case

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Comprehensive Electronics Maintenance and Repair in Compact Zipper Case!

Don’t let its size fool you – this zipper case contains everything you need for smartphone, computer, drone, games console, gamepad, watch, eyeglasses and jewelry maintenance and repair tasks

Perfect for electrical engineers, electronics enthusiasts, or those simply looking to give their home and handheld electronic devices the love and attention they deserve!


♦ Ratcheting Bit Driver
Co-molded soft grip handle for extra torque. Spinning endcap so you can apply constant pressure when turning

♦ Extension Bar (110mm)
For getting to those difficult to reach places

♦ 5 x Precision Screwdrivers:

♦ Needle-Nose Pliers (115mm)
For both cutting and holding metal wire

♦ Diagonal Pliers / Diagonal Cutters (115mm)
For cutting copper, brass, iron, aluminum and steel wire

♦ Precision Tweezers
For delicate adjusting of small parts and a great assistant in electronics tasks such as soldering

♦ Triangle Pry Paddle
For quick and easy prying

♦2 x Nylon Pry Bars
Crow-bar style when more leverage is required

♦ 24 x Precision Bits 4mm (5/32):

♦Fold-out Zipper Case
Keeps tools safe and secure, makes storing safe and convenient

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  • OPEN & REPAIR: Beat product obsolescence and begin repairing and fixing now with The Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set for electronics, gadgets and devices, mobile cell smart phones, computers and laptops, game controllers, drones, cameras, tablets, even watches and glasses
  • UNFASTEN & UNSCREW: With a 24 piece set of popular screwdriver bits and 5 precision screwdrivers, the Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit gets the job done quickly and correctly. Includes screwdrivers for typical household small screws and electronics, and Torx and Philips bits for all devices. NB. Fasteners vary greatly across devices and should be checked for compatibility first
  • DISASSEMBLE & REPAIR: With the proper guides and tools, repairs with the Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit are straightforward and trouble-free. Pry and slide open bezels and cases with the pry/lever separating tools and the triangular pick, securely lift panels with the suction cup, and pick fiddly components with the fine-nose tweezers. Use the long-nose pliers for pulling wires, cables and ties, the diagonal cutters/snips for cutting to length, and the utility knife for trimming
  • PRECISION HANDLING: The forward and reverse turning ratcheting bit driver handle enables precise torque adjustment of the Slot/Flat, Tripoint, Philips, Torx and Hex driver bits with its fine 72-position ratcheting turns. A built-in magnet securely holds and weakly magnetises the bits for fastener pick up. Attach the additional 110mm extension bar to turn deep recessed positions
  • HANDY ZIPPER CASE: All accessories and tools are neatly organized and securely held in a compact and slim Nylon Oxford-cloth zipper case - easily kept in a spare drawer space or inside large tool kits or boxes