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Hi-Spec 134 Piece 160W 1.4A Corded Rotary Power Tool & 8 Attachments Set


Product Description

The Hi-Spec 134 Piece 160W 1.4A Corded Rotary Power Tool offers great versatility for your DIY repairs and projects, precision craftwork, and specialist hobbies. Capable of cutting, drilling, sanding, engraving, grinding, and polishing across a wide range of materials.

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  • Power: 160W, 1.4A
  • Corded Rotary Tool
  • Speed Control: 8,000 to 35,000 rpm
  • Flex Shaft Length: 1m
  • Clamp Stand Reach: 0.5m
  • Body Weight: 0.55kg/1.2lb
  • Power Cord Length: 1.8m
  • Voltage: Compatible with any household 110V 60Hz outlet
  • Tool Case: Double steel-hinged lock tool case for storage


  • Flex Shaft: Offers precision control and reaches awkward or difficult positions.
  • Clamp Stand: Safely hangs the rotary tool out of the way and extends up to 0.5m.
  • Attachments: Including a Detailer’s Pistol-Grip for drill holding, a protective Debris Shield, twin-LEDs for low-light work, a lawnmower blade guide for sharpening, and two depth guides for accurate tool positioning.
  • Bit Accessory Set: Dremel compatible bit accessories neatly stored in a box. Includes Grinding Stones, Sanding Drums, Bands & Discs, Drill Bits, Diamond Wheel Points, Mandrels, Cut-Off & Felt Wheels, Wire Brushes, Wrench, and Collets.
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