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Hi-Spec 134 Piece 160W 1.4A Corded Rotary Power Tool & 8 Attachments Set. Flex Shaft, Stand, Dremel Compatible Bit Accessories and More. Complete in a Tool Box Storage Case

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  • ROTARY TOOL VERSATILITY: For DIY repairs and projects, precision craftwork and specialist hobbies, power-up the Hi-Spec 134 Piece 160W 1.4A Corded Rotary Power Tool. With its total package of tools, get prepared to cut, drill, sand engrave, grind and polish across a wide range of materials. All stored in a tough double steel-hinged lock tool case for presentation and carry
  • FLEX SHAFT & STAND: For easier and more professional handling, simply attach the flexi-drive shaft. Its natural lightweight pen-holding design gives precision control and the 1m cable reaches awkward or difficult positions. Safely hang the Hi-Spec Rotary Tool out of the way with the extending clamp stand that reaches 0.5m and secures to the table edge
  • MORE ATTACHMENTS: Transform your Hi-Spec rotary tool with these practical attachments: a Detailer’s Pistol-Grip for drill holding; a protective Debris Shield; twin-LEDs for low-light work; a lawnmower blade guide for sharpening; and two depth guides for accurate tool positioning whatever the material
  • SPEED CONTROL: With a chunky design for one or two handed holding, its energetic 160W motor is housed in a solid 0.55kg/1.2lb body with non-slip covers for better gripping. Connected by a 1.8m power cord to any household 110V 60Hz outlet, a power switch and the rearward thumb-wheel controls speeds between 8,000 to 35,000 rpm. The illustrated owner’s manual has step by step instructions and guidance to get started immediately
  • BIT ACCESSORY SET: Get going now on that project and easily change out the supplied, Dremel compatible, bit accessories neatly stored in a box. Grinding Stones; Sanding Drums, Bands & Discs; Drill Bits; Diamond Wheel Points; Mandrels; Cut-Off & Felt Wheels; Wire Brushes; Wrench; Collets. NB. Bits are consumable items with a lifetime limited by type and duration of usage