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Hi-Spec 121 Piece 130W Rotary Power Tool & Accessories Kit for DIY Repairs, Hobbies & Craftwork. Precision & Fine Drilling Cutting, Trimming, Grinding & Sanding. Supplied with Dremel Compatible Bits


Product Description

Hi-Spec 121 Piece 130W 1.2A Corded Rotary Power Tool Kit Set with Dremel Compatible Bit Accessories. Drill, Cut, Trim, Grind & Sand In DIY Repairs

About Our 135W Multi-Purpose Rotary Multi Tool

A hand-held high-speed rotary power tool for fine or small scale DIY cutting, drilling, engraving, grinding, milling, polishing, removing burs, sanding, scraping, sharpening and shaping. Whether you're making repairs around the house or enjoying your favourite hobby this is a must for any precision DIY craftsperson, hobbyist and creative enthusiast. An energetic 135W motor controlled by a rearward thumb-wheel speed dial allows between 8,000 to 30,000 rotations per minute. Compatible with Dremel bit accessories, this also is supplied with a comprehensive selection of 120 of the most popular types of rotary tool bit accessories

Technical Specification

The Ultimate Multitasking Multi-tool - DIY, woodworking, metalworking, hobby & more!

  • 110V 135W Corded Motor
  • Variable speed 8000 - 30000rpm
  • 6 - position speed thumb wheel
  • Ergonomic grip, 2m power cord

120 Piece Accessory Set

What's in the box?

Whether doing home repairs, working on your favorite hobby or craft, jewelry or model making this kit is great for cutting, drilling, engraving, grinding, milling, polishing, removing burrs, sanding, scraping, sharpening and shaping.

nb. (i). Bit accessories are consumable items with a lifetime limited by type and duration of usage. (ii). Attachments such as flexishafts or keyless-chucks may not fit and need to be checked for compatibility

  • Sanding Discs grind, polish, sand wood, glass and metal
  • Cut-off Wheels for cutting metal and other stiff materials
  • Sanding Bands - grind, polish, strip paint from wood
  • Grinding Stones for grinding and sharpening glass, ceramic tile and metal
  • Diamond Wheel Points, Drill Bits, Felt Wheels & more

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Carve and engrave onto a variety or soft and hard materials and leave your mark! Create decorative designs or protect your property from theft


High speed cutting wheels for shaping, trimming, slotting, making holes in metal, plastic and wood, remove or trim protruding bolts, screws and nails


Restore edges on garden tools such as shears and shovels, and sharpen lawnmower and chainsaw blades, remove rust and dirt, polish materials including metal, stone, glass and ceramics

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Hi-Spec - Home DIY for All

Our products are engineered to the highest standards and components and materials are sourced from trusted partners. All of our tools and consumables go through strict quality control tests and surpass international quality requirements to make sure you receive a quality product

We aim to create tools that can be used by anyone, regardless of skills or experience. Our products offer a great combination of usability, durability, power and most importantly safety

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  • A VERSATILE DIY POWER TOOL: The Hi-Spec 130W Rotary Power Tool Kit is a multi-purpose DIY power tool set for fine or small scale and precision DIY repairs & maintenance, in craftwork, handy-work, and specialist hobbies. With its bit accessories, it has applications for cutting, drilling, engraving, grinding, milling, polishing, sanding, trimming, and sharpening across a range of materials
  • 120 PIECE ACCESSORIES: The versatility of the Hi-Spec Rotary Power Tool Kit is due its supplied accessory bits. Whatever the DIY repair or crafting task, there is a specialised bit for drilling, cutting, sanding and grinding. Simply swap them out and fix in at the chuck end. Accessories included are Dremel bits compatible. NB. Attachments such as flexi-shafts or keyless-chucks need to be checked for compatibility
  • SPEED CONTROL: The Hi-Spec 130W Rotary Power Tool has an injection-moulded nylon body that safely houses its energetic 130W motor with a 1.9m cord for power outlet connection. A rearward thumb-wheel speed control allows for between 8,000 to 30,000 rpm for precision speeds and time-saving operation
  • BIT ACCESSORY SET: Get going now on that project with its supplied, Dremel compatible, bit accessories neatly stored in a box. Fine cutting, drilling, sanding, grinding, shaping, smoothing and polishing: Grinding Stones; Sanding Drums, Bands & Discs; Drill Bits; Diamond Wheel Points; Mandrels; Cut-Off & Felt Wheels; Wire Brushes; Wrench; Collets. NB. Bits are consumable items with a lifetime limited by type and duration of usage
  • EASILY CHANGE OUT BITS: Bit accessories fit with the interchangeable brass collets (sizes 1.5, 2.3 and 3.2mm) that securely hold-in the various types of bits at the chuck head. Select the collet that fits the shank of the bit, then just tighten together with the supplied mini-wrench at the locking nut. The illustrated owner’s manual has step by step instructions and guidance for all aspects of your next DIY rotary tool project