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Hi-Spec Driver Bits, Sockets & Handles Set. Complete Screwdriver Accessories & Tamper Proof Resistant Screw Set. All in a Compact Tray Case


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  • DON’T SCREW AROUND: Save valuable time and frustration with The Hi-Spec Driver Bits, Sockets & Handles Set. Get that specialised screwdriver bit, and finish that DIY job with its extensive range of screw bit types, sockets and handle accessories
  • UNSCREW & UNLOOSEN: Faced with a variety of screws and fasteners, the Hi-Spec Driver Bits, Sockets & Handles Set is packed with the most reached for types of driver bits, sockets and accessories, including the security or obscure screw types manufacturers often used for tamper-resistance in appliances. NB. Fasteners and screws vary greatly and should be checked for compatibility first
  • BIT SET SMARTER: Organised in a compact tray case, the Hi-Spec Driver Bits, Sockets & Handles Set folds out for easy display and access. Without the toolbox and drawer clutter, easily put up fixtures or fittings, open up appliances and gadgets, and install and replace components
  • HANDLES & ACCESSORIES: Turning screws and fasteners is quick and precise with either the soft-grip ratcheting handle or the moulded-grip driver handle that fits both sockets and driver bits. Add the long extension bar for recesses or fit the sliding T-bar handle for extra torque leverage
  • BITS & SOCKETS: 103 x Driver Bits: Slot/Flat, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex/Allen, Torx. Including tamper-Proof: Torx, Pin Spanner, Triangle, Triple-Square XZN, Square, Tri-Point, Torq-set, and Clutch. In addition: 14 x 1/4” drive Metric sockets on a rail, 3 x Mini Hex/Allen Keys, and a bit handle sleeve adaptor