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Steelmaster 8oz Steel Alloy Claw Hammer


The Steelmaster 8oz Steel Alloy Claw Hammer is your perfect partner for home DIY projects, car repairs, crafts, and picture-hanging tasks. Light enough to be easy on your wrists, yet heavy enough to provide a solid strike.


  • Material: Heat Treated Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 0.22kg
  • Hammer Size: 8oz
  • Handle: Solid tubular steel handle
  • Grip: Non-slip rubber grip


  • 8oz Hammer Size: This provides a solid strike with good control, ideal for various projects.
  • Solid Tubular Steel Handle: Designed for strength and resilience, this handle is built to last through many projects.
  • Forged Fine Grain Steel Head: This head is designed to absorb shock and provide extra strength with each swing.
  • Non-slip Rubber Grip: This comfortable grip ensures the hammer is secure in your hands while you work.