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6 Piece Steelmaster Full Length Screwdrivers Set


Product Description

The 6 Piece Steelmaster Full Length Screwdrivers Set is the ultimate toolbox companion for any serious handyman or DIY enthusiast. Made with heat-treated alloy steel and plated shafts.


  • Material: Heat-Treated Cr-V Steel
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Screwdriver Types: Slot/Flathead (SL3-4-5), Phillips (PH1-2-3)
  • Additional Features: Plated Shafts for Durability
  • Storage: Comes with Storage and Organizer Rack


  • 3 Slot/Flathead Screwdrivers: To handle a range of tasks requiring slot/flathead drivers.
  • 3 Phillips Screwdrivers: Ideal for various applications requiring Phillips drivers.
  • 1 Storage and Organizer Rack: For keeping your screwdrivers neat and easy to locate when needed.