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4pc Gairdin Sustainable Garden Hand Tool Set for Indoor and Outdoor Potting, Weeding and Gardening

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A truly sustainable 4-piece gardening set composed of recycled fibre-glass composite material.

Start digging, pruning, planting, potting and more in next to no time. For indoor and outdoor gardening, the allotment, balcony, rockery or patio.

Features the most commonly used gardening tools, including trowel, transplanter, hand rake and dual-use backhoe. Ideal for a range of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating and transplanting


  • HAND TROWEL - Has depth measurements for accurate planting, mixing fertiliser and turning earth
  • TRANSPLANTER / NARROW TROWEL -  Delicate transplanting, taking up plants and seed planting
  • HAND RAKE - Loosens and breaks up top soil, weeding, leveling, pulls out stubborn weeds and dead grass
  • DUAL-USE BACKHOE - Move and pile soil, dig narrow furrows and shallow trenches, cut foliage and roots


Natural contours, mineral-tone shades and ergonomically designed for balanced handling and to reduce wrist and fatigue while working