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Hi-Spec Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set. Pry Bars, Precision Screwdrivers & More Essentials for Computers & Laptops, Consoles & Gadgets …

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Product Description

Hi-Spec 39 Piece Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set for Electronics & Computers, Mobile Smart Phones, Laptops, Game Controllers & Gadgets


Get the repairing job done correctly and begin fixing now with The Hi-Spec Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set. Beat product obsolescence in electronics, gadgets and devices, mobile smart phones, computers and laptops, game controllers, drones, cameras, and tablets.

  • Versatile Pliers/Cutters and Precision Screwdrivers
  • S2 Steel Precision Driver Bits and accessories
  • Compact Zipper Case


Turn small screw with the precision screwdrivers and driver bits

  • With compatible Pentalobe driver bits to open iPhones and MacBooks, and Torx and Philips bits for all other devices
  • For fastening hardness, the precision driver bits uses S2 Steel for extra wear resistance.
  • NB. Screw and fasteners vary greatly and should be checked for compatibility first.

Finish fine wire, cable, and component tasks

  • A wire stripper, diagonal cutters/snips
  • Long/needle nose pliers
  • Electronic cutters for circuit/solder work
  • Straight pattern tin-snips

Pick fiddly components and tease wires

  • Two fine-nose tweezers
  • Steel pry bar


3 x Compact Size Pliers/Cutters

- Heat-treated Carbon Steel

- Comfortable Non-Slip Palm-sized Handles

- Diagonal Cutters/Snips

- Long/needle Nose Pliers

- Electronics Cutters

Straight Pattern 146mm Tin-Snips

- 2.5mm thick Heat-treated Stainless Steel Blades

- Comfortable ABS Handles

- For tough material cutting

Wire Stripper & Cutter

- Heat-treated Carbon Steel

- Spring Loaded Non-Slip Palm-sized Handles

- 20,18,16,14,12,10 AWG

Precision Bit Driver Handle

- Aluminium Alloy with anodized coating

- Free-Spinning End Cap

110mm Bit Extension Rod

20 x 4mm Precision Driver Bits

- S2 carbon steel alloy for increased hardness (up to 60HRC), wear-resistance and reduced brittleness

- 3 x Pentalobe: 0.8(P2), 1.2(P5), 1.5(P6) for iPhone 4 and models upwards, and Air & Retina MacBooks

- 3 x Tripoint: TP2, 2.7, 3.2

- 4 x Torx: T4, 5, 6, 8

- 3 x Philips: PH000, 00, 0

- 3 x Slot/Flat: SL1.0, 1.5, 2.0

- 4 x Hex/Allen: H0.8, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0

6 x Precision Screwdrivers

- Cr-V Alloy steel for extra strength

- 133mm long with TPR rubberised handles

- Slot/Flat: 1.4, 2.0, 2.4, 3mm

- PH0, 1

2 x Precision Steel Tweezers

- TS-13, TS-15 Sizes

- Protective End-cap

12-250V Voltage probe

Magnetising Block

Fine Retractable Dust Brush

Compact Zipper Case

  • STOP SCREWING AROUND: Get the job done with the Hi-Spec 39 Piece Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set. A complete package for removing screws and cases to begin disassembling and installing in computers, notebooks, smart phones, drones, gadgets, game consoles, appliances and toys
  • OPEN IT UP: Make repairs straightforward and trouble-free. Pry and slide open covers with the metal pry bar/lever. Extract and pick-up fiddly components with the fine-nose tweezers. Includes the Pentalobe driver bits to open iPhones and MacBooks, and Torx and Philips bits for other devices
  • UNFASTEN & UNSCREW: Easily undo popularly found precision screws in cases, connectors, assemblies, and modules with its long-life S2 hardened-steel bits, and the set of full-size precision screwdrivers. Bits are weakly magnetised by the handle. NB. Device screws should be checked for compatibility
  • PULL, STRIP & CUT: Finish fine wire, cable, and component tasks with its handy and compact tools. A spring-loaded wire stripper, diagonal cutters/snips for cutting to length, long/needle nose pliers for pulling and twisting, electronic cutters for circuit/solder work, and straight pattern tin-snips for heavy material cutting
  • All TOOLED-UP: The aluminium driver handle’s end-cap freely spins for accurate turning, and add the extension bar to reach recessess. Use the magnet-block on the bits for easy screw pick-up, the voltage probe for household voltages, and the fine brush to dust off. All secured in a zipper case that opens flat for easy display and access